Bio: Tim Pipes is a full-time law enforcement professional, currently employed by a mid-sized West-Central Texas City Department as a Detective assigned to CID’s major crimes against persons unit. Coach Tim began his law enforcement career in 1993 and his experience ranges from undercover narcotics, street crimes, and patrol/field training officer, to 11 years on the SWAT team and SWAT competition team, and now 6+ years on the homicide unit. Coach Tim has studied many different martial arts and combatives systems and styles, and began teaching combatives and defensive tactics to law enforcement in 2001. Since then, Coach Tim developed into a frequent instructor for combatives/DT, police emergency/pursuit driving, patrol tactics, mechanics of arrest, firearms, fitness, CrossFit, SWAT tactics, and OC/chemical and impact munitions/distraction devices for Police, SWAT, and the US Department of State. He was owner and head coach of CrossFit Benedictus in Abilene, TX for five years and now owns WarriorFit Athlete LLC. He also travels around the world teaching as part of mobile training teams, instructing CrossFit Specialty seminars in Striking and SPEAR/Defense for one of the most elite fitness companies in the world, as well as SPEAR/Personal Defense Readiness courses for Blauer Tactical, one of the most trusted self-defense companies in the world. Coach Tim contributed an article about CrossFit SPEAR/Defense for the CrossFit Journal that was published in January 2016 entitled
“Defense Never Rests.”

Certifications & Qualifications:
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Defense/SPEAR Trainer/CFHQ SME – Instructor
CrossFit Striking Trainer/CFHQ SME – Instructor
CrossFit Endurance Trainer
USAW Level 1 Performance Coach
Blauer Tactical – SPEAR Level 2/Personal Defense Readiness Instructor and Mobile Training Team Instructor
Law Enforcement Officer – 1993 – present
Combatives Instructor 2001 – present
Firearms Instructor – 2004 – present

11 Years SWAT Team/Competition Team
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
DPS Certified Firearms Instructor
Gracie Survival Tactics L1Instructor
SPEAR L2 Evidence Based Scenario Ttraining Instructor
Bio-resume approved Firearms/Combatives Instructor – US Dept of State
A message from Coach Tim:

“You know… the realities are upon us:

Viable personal defense skills are the single greatest skills that you could ever possess and hope to never have to use.

TRUE self-defense.

You have found the Big Country’s
BEST firearms & self-defense training available.

And the BEST training that I can offer you after 28+
years of professional experience dealing
directly with human violence + 20 years of teaching, coaching, and instructing combatives for Law Enforcement, SWAT, Military/DOS, and civilians alike.

As a personal defense specialist AND
an experienced instructor and coach,
it is my goal to help make YOU better and safer.

…through fitness/functional movement, awareness, fear management,

and personal defense skills
including detection/deescalation/weaponless strategies
for safety and close-quarters protection,
and firearms.
Learn to be your own bodyguard!

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