Self Defense

The Big Country’s BEST Self-Defense

Interested in the ability to protect yourself

or those you love and care about?

Realize that combat-sports and martial arts are DIFFERENT

than self-defense and true violent encounters.

Here is what the martial arts schools and instructors DON’T want you to know:

You DON’T need to study a martial arts system or style

for years and years to learn how to defend yourself.

Ever heard of “behaviorally-based” self-defense?

Do you know what the bad guy wants and doesn’t want?

Have you EVER been taught the essential impacts of proper fear management?

(or lack there of?)

…actually studied awareness and early detection processes?

…given yourself permission to choose safety and ACT on intuition

once you pick up danger?

…been taught choice-speech for de-fusing a situation?!

And of course:

In this day and age, ever studied a highly effective, realistic,

genetically engrained self-defense system

that can be applied morally, ethically, and legally in personal violence, workplace violence,

or even high-threat crisis or active shooter scenarios – across the board?

The realities are upon us.

The stage is set.

The masses have spoken.

It’s high-time for this training.

TRUE self-defense. So much different than you might think.

This is the single greatest skill that you could ever possess and hope to never have to use…

And the BEST answer that I can give you after 24+ years of professional experience

dealing directly with human violence.

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