Strength & Conditioning

“There is an athlete and a warrior within everyone.

We differ only in degree and purpose,”

said former Navy SEAL Cmdr. Mark Divine, a colleague in the

CrossFit and tactical fields.

Athletes   and   warriors   are   among   us   in   many   capacities:

current and former SWAT-team members and military operators;

law-enforcement officers and firefighters; emergency

medical  technicians,  paramedics  and  rescue  personnel;

high-school, college, amateur or professional sports athletes;

…and gym members;

and… well;

 stay-at-home moms, teachers and students, professionals of all kinds;

and… you get the picture:

All other everyday civilians with the warrior heart and mindset.

We  all  understand  how  professional warriors  demand  the  most  from

themselves and must maintain exceptional fitness for operational/

mission readiness. Warrior fitness combines conditioning of the

mind, body and spirit in the warrior tradition of extreme training

and preparedness. The beautiful effects of such intense training

include marked improvement with vital skills that relate to real-

life scenarios warriors encounter.

Let’s be honest though: No amount of

physical, fitness or tactical training alone can prepare an individual for

a real one-on-one violent attack.

Elite Strength & Conditioning IS the foundation, however,

of exceptional abilities to protect one’s self or loved ones.

That is why it is at the foundation of the

WarriorFit Athlete pyramid of personal defense:



Strength & Conditioning


Functional movement is fundamental and elemental to survival.

We all move.

To protect yourself or your loved ones most effectively,

you need to move and train to move with purpose.

With speed, agility, accuracy, balance,

coordination, relaxation, flexibility, efficiency.

You also need the ability to generate power,

maintain stamina,

possess cardiovascular & respiratory endurance,

and be generally strong and well conditioned.

AKA – Harder to kill.

Warriors train in unconventional methods.

This produces well-rounded warriorfit athletes capable of accomplishing

 and finishing any mission at hand.

Most civilians and professionals need only focus

on applicable function and longevity,

depending on their specific goals, activities, and needs

 – whatever is relatively “functional” for them.

Identifying what that is, determining a path to reach specific goals,

 and accomplishing those goals safely with well-trained

guidance and accountability are the benefits of having

 a well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced COACH.

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