forging elite leadership

Advance and excel in times of adversity through a lifestyle of training and preparedness in mind, body, and spirit.

 The Bulletproof Warrior Project offers life coaching and leadership development through crucible challenges, weekend retreats, and an ongoing platinum-level 12 month holistic development program. Teamed up with Camp Barkeley Tactical Training Center – the most important historical training site in the Big Country for warriors of the past, present, and future. Founder, owner, and head coach Tim Pipes is the only former SWAT, full-time LEO, NRA, DPS, TCOLE, Gracie GST, and PDR certified instructor in the Big Country.


warrior challenge

The Warrior Challenge is a 4-hour crucible event held at the Camp Barkeley Tactical Training Center grounds. Evolutions of the challenge will include a 5-story rappel, the Camp Barkeley Obstacle Course (same O-course as used in the Camp Barkeley OCR events), “cooling off” after the O-course, and the big hill ascent for debriefing and prayer at the threshing floor.

Why the Warrior Challenge?

Warriors are among us in many capacities:

Current and former SWAT Team members and Military operators, LEOs and Firefighters, EMT/Paramedics/Rescue personnel, even moms, students, professionals, and other civilians with the warrior heart and mindset. Each of these warriors demand the most from themselves and must maintain exceptional fitness standards for operational/mission readiness, mental strength and fortitude, and a spirit seeking to learn and grow through the furnace of adversity. WarriorFit Athlete implements an integral physical, mental,and spiritual training system that combines training of the mind, body, and spirit in the Warrior tradition of extreme training and preparedness. I happen to know a thing or two about this type of training, based on my very own training and experience. It increases tactical proficiency, builds decision-making skills under stress, builds endurance, mental toughness, durability, teamwork and team reliance, character development, and hones and fine-tunes foundational skills used in real-life situations through functional tactical evolutions. The beauty of the effects of such intense training includes marked improvement on vital skills and team dynamics as it translates and relates to real-life scenarios that warriors encounter at they serve their teams, companies, departments, communities, churches, families, and country. Preparation for, and involvement in, extreme challenges tests these skills as individual operators and builds team camaraderie and team dynamics like none other.

There are so many people who need and/or seek training like this…

Because valor is in the test.

And adversity forges elite performance and leadership.

I think that is why obstacle course races and events, Iron-Man and Spartan and ultra-distance races, CrossFit, SealFit, HIIT and other extreme training, and the sort, are so popular.

But who has actually tested their steal against the SWAT standard of selection and training?!

That is my experience and that is what I bring to this challenge.

That is why I developed and founded

The Warrior Challenge – Abilene TX:

As a way to share my elite SWAT training and background with other warriors, and other warriors at heart, and as a recruiting tool for Camp Barkeley Training & Equipping. This is legit training. Texas LEOs even get TCOLE credit. Check out the learning objectives and ask your warrior-self:

Do YOU have what it takes?

Learning Objectives:

  1. The student will demonstrate proper individual fitness levels for mission readiness.
  2. The student will demonstrate mental strength to push through physical stress and past physical exhaustion.
  3. The student will demonstrate the ability to thrive in a team environment to accomplish extremely difficult missions and task requiring team support and reliance.
  4. The student will complete challenges in a physically and mentally demanding evolution of events that will test their ability to conduct measurable operations over a prolonged period of time.
  5. The student will demonstrate resilience and leadership in uncertain and ambiguous settings.

 NEXT Training Date: TBA

 Cost: $120.00

Here is what to expect:
– An intense 1/2 day (4 hour) training event/challenge
– 4 hours of TCOLE credit for Texas LEOs
– T-shirt, challenge coin, and certificate of training or completion
– A rare glimpse into SWAT-like training, like no other event, competition, or challenge
– Evolutions of physical and mental challenges including the Camp Barkeley rappel tower, obstacle course, and big hill
– Led by former APD SWAT Team member and CrossFit Affiliate owner, Tim Pipes
-Push beyond perceived physical limitations with unyielding mental strength, teamwork, and team reliance
– Test your true potential against the SWAT standard of selection and training
– Foster the Warrior-mindset and heart


***Attention: soon booking private dates for teams and corporations.

Contact Coach Tim to discuss group rates, dates, and details.***

Participants must possess adequate individual physical condition and mental strength to complete strenuous and stressful activities. They must also possess the desire and ability to complete difficult missions and tasks requiring individual physical strength and conditioning, mental strength and fortitude, as well as team support and reliance. A physician’s approval is recommended as liability is placed on the participant.

Warrior Retreat

The Warrior Retreat is a weekend immersion into the Bulletproof Warrior Project at the Camp Barkeley Training & Equipping retreat center. Evolutions include all aspects of the Warrior Challenge as described above, plus exposure to extra tactical and leadership training, live-fire rifle training and drills, life languages international profile system analysis, concepts in spiritual warfare, Kingdom principles, and freedom ministry.

The package includes all accommodations. (travel is the participant’s responsibility – airport pick-up arrangements available)

Each participant also receives a T-shirt, challenge coin, certificate, and a custom Texas-built AR-15 rifle!

Cost: $5000

($7500 for couple – usually father & son – and share one rifle)

warrior academy

The Warrior Academy is the full platinum-level 12-month life-coaching program from the Bulletproof Warrior Project. Participation in a Warrior Retreat is required for completion and graduation. Coach Tim will share his most in-depth, elite, battle-proven methods for ultimate success in life, business, and beyond – all underpinned with his world renown Ultimate Mind Coaching Certification training used by top CEOs, profesional and Olympic athletes, SWAT and Navy SEAL candidates, Fortune 500 C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s most influential people for unmatched success. Combined with Coach Tim’s real-life and professional experiences, personal connection and guidance, the Camp Barkeley weekend immersion experience, and additional concepts and support in spiritual warfare, Kingdom principles, and freedom ministry, this system is unmatched in the industry in building up strong unique leaders in mind, body, and spirit.

Each participant will receive a T-shirt, hoodie, cap, challenge coin, custom patch, plaque, and a Texas-built AR-15 rifle!

Cost: Individual – $5000/mo or one-time payment of $50,000

Corporate team (up to five) – $10,000/mo or one-time payment of $100,000 (each participant receives their own rifle!)

Spots are limited, so secure yours ASAP and/or purchase a spot to GIFT to someone or a team you care about.