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The Texas License to Carry (LTC) course is the FIRST step in securing the ultimate gift of peace-of-mind. The TX LTC course (PREVIOUSLY “CHL”) is required to secure the legal ability to be armed away from your home/business/vehicle
and prepared to protect you and/or your family in the worst of self-defense scenarios, and when it matters most.

Coach Tim Pipes possesses skills, experience, and training that no one else in the Big Country can match or provide.

In WFA’s LTC Course, you will learn the basic TX LTC curriculum from someone who has dealt professionally with Texas laws AND violence for 27+ years, including 11 years assigned to SWAT and the SWAT Competition Team,

plus 19 years combatives instructing and 16 years firearms instructing experience and the ONLY

DPS, NRA, TCOLE, GRACIE GST, AND PDR certified instructor in the Big Country.

Now it’s time for Coach Tim to impart his knowledge and experience to the good folks of the TX Big Country

– helping make good people safer!


Additional Course Details:

The LTC (formerly CHL) Course is the Texas required training program for first time LTC applicants.

The LTC handgun course consists of a state mandated 4-6 classroom hours of instruction plus a proficiency portion

from a DPS certified Instructor.

Topics include:
• Texas laws pertaining to the Use of Force/Deadly Force and weapons
• safety and use of handguns, holsters and secure open carrying of handguns
• Non-violent conflict resolution, deescalation techniques
• Safe and proper storage practices for firearms emphasizing practices that eliminate potential for accidental injury to a child

or thief from vehicle

The Firearms Proficiency portion consists of a 50-round course of fire at 3, 7 and 15 yards. A combination of lecture presentation and hands-on exercises will be utilized to keep the class safe, enjoyable and informative.

Class Times: 9am-3pm

Prerequisites: pre-registration

Required Gear:

• Range appropriate clothing (long pants and no open toe footwear)
• Note taking materials and pen/pencil
• Eye and ear protection
• Semi-automatic pistol or revolver
• 50 rounds of ammunition

(reloads are prohibited, 50 extra rounds recommended)

LTC Hangun Course price: $105

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Next Course: Sat Feb 27th, 2021

Class begins at 9 AM. Arrival a few minutes early to finish registration paperwork.

Spots are limited, so secure yours ASAP and/or purchase a spot to GIFT to someone you care about.