Abilene’s BEST VIRTUAL Boot Camp


A virtual 6-week boot camp-style challenge.



This is the virtual version of my popular 6-week boot camp, designed for the Shredded Warrior Program.

(Lot’s of folks have paid $149 for my LIVE boot camp and LOVED every grueling moment of it.)

You get twelve boot camp-style workouts with descriptions, explanations, and even video demos – delivered straight to you via email.

Minimal equipment is needed, but access to a gym, home-gym, or even park/playground is best.

PLUS my 6-week Gladiator Glutes Squat Progression Challenge to accompany the boot camp workouts to help you get the most bang for your buck in 6-weeks with an awesome back-side to show for it!

Looking for results?

Check THIS out:

Folks that have failed at everything else have had RESULTS at Abilene’s Best Boot Camp for years now.
Check out Amanda Fox‘s story and then get on board this success-train!
“I debated and was so nervous and sick to my stomach to post this pic! By all means I am not bragging or showing off ..I’m just hoping to inspire just one person to change and get fit! The hardest is losing the last 15 pounds and gaining muscle and I’ve accomplished that! I still by far have a long way to go and I’m ok with that! I’ll get there one day! It took me a full year! The first six months was learning how to eat clean and exercise and make it a part of my life! I had to change my routine and fit things to fit my new life! It helped to have the best support team–[one is] Tim Pipes (Abilene’s Best Boot Camp)! But most of all, my family and friends for their love and support and God for giving me the strength and ability! I know there will be some negative thoughts and or comments and I’m ok with that!!! It’s not about what everyone else thinks it’s about how I feel and I feel amazing! I know I didn’t lose much, but someone once said, everyone has their own goals but In the end everyone’s goal are the same and that is so true! I’m proud I finally met my first one—put on a two piece bathing suit which I haven’t done in 12 years!!! Sorry it’s not a dramatic weight lost but this is me and I have every right to show off what I’ve accomplished as everyone else!!!” – Amanda Fox

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